We empower businesses to achieve more with creative and digital savvy talents.
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Why hire through us?

Full service recruitment

Quality is our top priority

We assess talents' technical and soft skills using advanced behavioral techniques, with highly customized interviews for each employer.

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Talent incubation

Global hiring made easy

We offer robust hiring and training solutions to help companies of any sizes design a customized internship program on-demand.

Cultural value

Creativity and diversity

We are a community of global citizens. We empower talents from diverse ethnicities to connect and create synergies.

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Who is Talent Basket for?

Whether you run a business, project team, or side hustle, you always need fresh talent. Leverage the energy and passion of Gen Z to supercharge your growth.

Startups / Web 3

Hire SDR or growth marketing interns to grow your traction.


Leverage social commerce interns to convert traffic to sales.

Regional operators

Tap into global interns to support your cross-border works.


Run your ongoing internship program with ease.


Use an extra hand to support your side hustle passion projects.

Travel companies

Hire global interns to help run your travel businesses remotely.

Loved by businesses and entrepreneurs globally

Headshot of Amanda LaFleur
"It is such a pleasure working with Talent Basket to manage our internship program at NOPI. Candidates are well-vetted and highly prepared for a successful internship. Communication with the Talent Basket team is also excellent. We look forward to our continued work with TB in creating experience-building opportunities for students entering the global workforce."
Amanda LaFleur
Executive Director, NOPI
Headshot of Teja Korošec
It was a great pleasure to work with Talent Basket and their team of talented students. It enabled us to create high-quality digital marketing content, that we could never find the time for. The students showed excellent work ethic and delivered on time. We were able to achieve a win-win, they gained experience, while we got much-needed support.
Teja Korošec
Project manager, GoodPlace
Headshot of Paul Rogers
Talent sourcing services are delivered in a straightforward, no-nonsense approach. We shared Terms of References for the posts to fill and in next to no time we had signed up two excellent candidates. The onboarding process was very smooth and well-supported at each step. We’re delighted with the results and super impressed with our special Talents.
Paul Rogers
Co-founder & Director, Planet Happiness
Headshot of Louisa Liu
It made my life easier when I hired social media interns from Talent Basket to help with my professional Instagram account. The interns are great at coming up with creative ideas and attractive visuals to help me reach new customers.
Co-founder & Director, Planet Happiness

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