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“What sets Talent Basket apart is the people in the community and their support to stand by you during the internship journey.“

Mokhinur Inomova
Hired as HR Manager at Winding Tree

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“I started my journey with Talent Basket as a shy girl. Since then, it’s shaped who I am. It gave me a new direction on my career pathway.“

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Caryn Low
Hired as Account Executive at Innity
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Work with international organizations

We welcome students at all levels to learn directly from businesses and entrepreneurs to create impact-driven projects.

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“My personal growth came from working with like-minded people across the globe. Talent Basket community has given me a sense of belonging, mutual trust, and team spirit for success.“

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Prerna Hatyal
Hired as Talent Engagement Lead at Talent Basket

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“Internship at Talent Basket gave me a unique cultural experience of working for global companies. The research project also helped improve my critical thinking and data analytic skills.”

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Brenda Han
Hired as Content Review Associate at Accenture
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Remote internships through Talent Basket are endorsed by a global network of universities and contribute to your internship credits.

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“I had the opportunity to meet creative minds from different cultures in a supportive work environment. Talent Basket training and mentorship helped shape my skill sets in a professional setting.“

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Anncolette Vivera
Hired as Marketing Associate at RunGu Enterprise

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