Talent Basket signs MoU with first academic partner in the Philippines - University of Baguio

Talent Basket (TB) and the University of Baguio (UB) celebrated the official partnership between these two organizations.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, November 27, 2020 — Talent Basket (TB) and the University of Baguio (UB) celebrated the official partnership between these two organizations. With a common aim, they strive to shape the future youth leaders in the global industry. This is also TB’s first-ever academic partnership in the Philippines to open up a new set of opportunities for UB’s students through this online platform built for the digital workforce.

This virtual launch was being organized by UB, broadcasted live on the School of IHTM - University of Baguio Facebook page. Here is the recording of the official launch to get to know more about these two organizations. The university invited Ms. Melanie R. Saro, Director of Linkages for the University of Baguio to give welcome remarks, followed by a brief introduction of TB by Ms. JC Wong, the Program and Content Director for Talent Basket. Dr. Janice Kaylyn K. Lonogan gave a message and the attestation of UB’s commitment to this partnership. She is the current Vice President for UB’s Academic Affairs. Other faculty members who were invited to give a testimonial toast includes Miss Kresdale May Pacalso, Miss Joanna Maria Victoria and Mr. Fernando Bagay. The launch ends with a closing remark from the Dean of UB’s School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management Ms. Jenelyn M. Magpatoc.

One of the highlights of this launch is that UB gathered some of their students’ testimonials on their TB experience featuring Kristein Escobar, Shawn Michael Barilla, Maria Saintly Pano and Hussein Ahmed Saleh Al-aznam.

Students from the UB will be able to gain practical experiences and upskill through TB’s digital training and global internship opportunities. Exceptional opportunities will be given access to these young professionals to engage in innovative virtual internship projects, applying their theoretical knowledge while gaining practical real-world experience in a multitude of areas from all around the world. This pushes them to develop a global mindset and be better prepared before stepping into the 21st-century global workforce. 

UB expressed its commitment to the partnership which involves the integration of an international, intercultural, and global perspective to the students who will gain knowledge and develop international orientation norms.

"Even if the courses are virtually delivered, interactions between cultures from seasoned experts of Talent Basket in the fields of human capital development, digital transformation and innovation strategy will attain full understanding, clear communication, and comprehensive discussions. The opportunity given for each learner shall make the university graduates function effectively and successfully in the labor market and in a wider society. UB will commit and will engage its resources to achieve the objectives of this partnership. As UB and Talen Basket join forces to realize the terms and conditions of the memorandum of agreement and understanding, the employment rate of UB's graduates shall be excellent as their affective skill, knowledge and competencies are with high regard"

- Dr. Janice Kaylyn Lonogan, Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University of Baguio.

UB students are accessible to technology-focused global internships from diverse sectors in the hospitality, tourism and events industry through Talent Basket. There will also be an evaluation system coached by Talent Basket coaches to ensure that the talents are achieving the expectations and project milestones of the employers, and also their own learning objectives.

"We are excited to bring on the University of Baguio as our academic partner into our tourism workforce ecosystem. Our MoU with UB has introduced an innovative and scalable model for global tourism internship. It helps students to find more opportunities and gain internship credits. It also addresses the talent shortage needs of small to medium size travel companies for digital business growth by leveraging youth innovation; while doing all by minimizing the internship administration headache for the education institutions."

- Jason Lin, Founder and Chief Talent of Talent Basket.

For more information, visit or contact JC Wong, Talent Basket Program & Content Director, [email protected].

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About University of Baguio

The cool climate of Baguio City has never failed to entice students for the unique university life it promises. At the fore of this is one of Baguio's premier institutions of higher learning - the University of Baguio.

Since its foundation on August 8, 1948, the University of Baguio has steadily made a name for itself as one of the summer capital's biggest universities with an average student population of 15,000.

UB was granted an Autonomous Status by the Commission on Higher Education on March 11, 2009, the first non-sectarian university in CAR to be granted such. 

This makes UB among the select 42 private higher educational institutions granted an autonomous status out of 2,000 throughout the country. 

Constantly abreast with the latest trends in its various fields of specialization, UB prepares its students for the ever-competitive world of work that awaits them after college. Its competent faculty, cutting-edge facilities, harmonious family culture, healthy campus politics, and wholesome intra-school competitions perfectly complement the cool climate of the country's summer capital, making learning fun and worthwhile. 

The University of Baguio welcomes students from all walks of life, races, and beliefs. Through its more than six decades of existence, UB has nurtured generations of students from Baguio City, the greater Cordillera region, the rest of the country, and at least 19 foreign nations.

About Talent Basket

Talent Basket (TB) has an aim to shape the future by incubating a sustainable workforce for the global industry. With their specially designed virtual workplace structure, TB enables global talents to access real-time projects without physical and experience boundaries. This unique structure optimizes talents’ practical learning experiences while solving the industry’s talent management and training challenges. This is the TB Dream - incubating a sustainable workforce!

JC Wong

Co-founder & COO of Talent Basket

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