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We help companies design internships to attract rising talents across the world's emerging economies.
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Meeting employer's internship and early talent recruitment needs.



Majoring in communication, business, media, and tourism.



Across emerging countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.



In digital growth, marketing, sales, community and account management, and data analytics.

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Hire vetted students who are passionate about growth in tech

We attract and vet ambitious students into our MarTech, CRM, content marketing, community management, and business development training.

A platform to manage the full lifecycle of your remote internships

We synchronize your internship schedule with global campus recruiting and automate the intern onboarding process to speed up the initial introduction and assignment to your project.

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Less admin. Less risk.

We take on the intern contracting, payroll, school credit administration, intern-to-hire offers, and offboarding as an all inclusive solution.

Easily hire interns with our fully managed services

Toolkits to build your virtual internship

Our guided process and program templates help you build a remote and global internship experience.

We have your back with a quality guarantee

We provide support to assist with any talent issues throughout our placement to ensure satisfaction.

Smooth transitions with global hiring

We offer easy and transparent global hiring solutions for employers post internships to retain the top talent.

Who is Talent Basket for?

Whether you run a business, project team, or side hustle, you always need fresh talent. Leverage the energy and passion of Gen Z to supercharge your growth.

Startups / Web 3

Hire SDR or growth marketing interns to grow your traction.


Leverage social commerce interns to convert traffic to sales.

Regional operators

Tap into global interns to support your cross-border works.


Run your ongoing internship program with ease.


Use an extra hand to support your side hustle passion projects.

Travel companies

Hire global interns to help run your travel businesses remotely.
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β€œTalent Basket interns put in the hard work, and quickly learn the tasks in order to create an impact for my startup right the way. β€œ

Matt Kim
Founder / CEO, Smoothie
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